Navigational Search

A Spatial Orientation Research Paradigm in VR

In order to evaluate how well people maintain spatial orientation in VR, we use a paradigm called navigational search in which participants are placed in an environment consisting of 16 boxes, and tasked to find 08 target objects hidden in these 16 boxes.

The challenge is to complete the task in the most efficient way which might require them to do the task not only fast but also strategic. That is, people must pay attention on their orientation to complete the task in an efficient way!

This video demonstrates the task in a light condition where participants can see all the boxes at a time, however, there is no other landmark can be used as orientation cues.

This is an example of a participant using NaviChair to control their locotion with HMD-on and using Wand Cotroller to collect balls. Note that this video is playing at 2x speed.